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What better way to showcase my talents with networking technologies than to design and host my own resume'. This site as well as my personal/professional email accounts are being hosted from my home servers as a demostration of not just my ablility to do so, but my enthusiasm for this profession.

I have built my home network to emulate an enterprise network to conduct testing before implementing IT solutions in the field. This allows for minimal errors and little to no setbacks that have not been foreseen.


What You Can Expect To See Here


Well, to sum it up, a little bit of everything about me can be found here. From the professional view you will find all there is to know about me and computers. I have over a decade of expeirence in the industry and highlight some of my accomplishments along the way.

Moving on to acedemics you will find out just how much I enjoyed earning my education and sharing it with others. Along with getting the grades I participated in several extra ciricular organizations, tutored, and worked as a Federal Work/Study employee. The "Acedemic" section will detail all my affiliations, awards, letters of recommendation, and grades for you. However I can wrap it up here real quick with one statement, I love to learn!

Last but not least is my "Personal" tab. What can I say about this just shows how geek I can be. What you are going to read about there is my family, my friends, and the true level of my geek. Here is where you will get to see pictures and videos of my ever so patient wife and energetic son, as well as my computers and just random stuff. There will also be a sporatic journal, if something hits me I will try to post it there.

So there you go, a preview of the site before you. Read through, enjoy, and feel free to contact me if you have any feedback. Thank you for checking me out, I hope you are entertained!

Quick Pics

Services Overview

I offer several services on both hardware and software related issues. Below are just a few examples, for a full listing please go to my "Services Offered" site found in my "Professional" section.

Contact Info

Like what you see? Have some tips or maybe some questions? Feel free to contact me using the information below.

Address: Milligan HWY, Johnson City TN
Telephone: (423)943-7318
Alt. Number: (423)930-7161